こんなお悩みありませんか? こんなお悩みありませんか?

Itchy and smelly
Due to Allergies
Painful Dermatitis
During your walk
Ticks and mosquitoes

A spray that gently protects your pet's skin. Brought to you from the land of the north!


Protecting your pet's skin with the blessings of nature
Gently protect your pet's skin

"SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" is a gentle spray for pets' delicate skin, made mainly from essential oil and natural ingredients from Hokkaido's akaezomatsu."

In addition to preventing and improving inflammation of the pet's skin, it also prevents bacterial and fungal infections. It also prevents viral infections through its insect repellent effect. In addition, the fresh fragrance of akaezomatsu essential oil can be expected to deodorize and relax pets.

飼い主の気持ちで開発しました 飼い主の気持ちで開発しました

The impetus for Healthy Animals' development of the "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" came from the representative, Mr. Sakata's beloved dog's otitis externa. The dog is a beagle with cute droopy ears.

The inside of the drooping ears were steamed and irritated by the growth of Malassezia bacteria, causing itching and a peculiar Malassezia smell. Some of you may have the same problem.
Malassezia is generally treated with medications and antibiotics.

Of course, that is also an important treatment.

However, as a pet owner, you do not want to rely too much on medication alone, but would prefer to cure the disease with food and natural remedies if possible.

With this in mind, we began research with Dairy Farm University (Ebetsu City, Hokkaido), a prestigious veterinary school, and completed the "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY.

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安心・安全の獣医師監修 安心・安全の獣医師監修

Healthy Animals is a product development company that is supervised by Dr. Taku Miyasho of the Department of Veterinary Health Nursing at Dairy Farm University to create food, supplements

Since its establishment in 1964 for the purpose of training clinical veterinarians engaged in industrial animal medicine, Dairy Farming Science University has been a university where students can learn various advanced industrial animal-related sciences by making effective use of its educational materials, including faculty members whose research interests include not only veterinary medicine but also dairy science and environmental studies, and industrial animals kept on its vast campus.

天然素材「アカエゾマツ」精油との出会い 天然素材「アカエゾマツ」精油との出会い

Healthy Animals has been involved in the development of pet foods and supplements, focusing on high-quality natural ingredients from its hometown of Hokkaido.

In developing the SKIN PROTECT SPRAY, we met Dr. Hiroshi Yokota, professor emeritus at Dairy Farming University, who introduced us to the essential oil of the akaezomatsu essential oil grown in Hokkaido. Dr. Yokota has long been conducting scientific research on the antibacterial and anti-cancer effects of essential oils, which are also used in human aromatherapy.

Research at Dairy Farm University has confirmed and announced that the very fragrant "Akaezomatsu essential oil" is effective for relaxation, antibacterial and sterilization, and can be safely used on pets and is expected to have positive effects. (*2)
*2 Journal of the Hokubutsukai, No. 62, 135-139 (2018)

What kind of tree is Akaezomatsu?

The akaezomatsu is abundant in the coniferous forests of eastern Hokkaido and is called "goddess tree" by the Ainu people. The largest trees are over 20 meters tall and 1 meter in diameter, and together with Ezo spruce and Abies sachalinensis form coniferous forests that are brimming with vitality.

The essential oil extracted from the branches and leaves has been proven to improve skin inflammation, antibacterial, relaxing, and many other effects.

A small amount of essential oil can be obtained from many branches and leaves.

アカエゾマツ精油 4つの効果 アカエゾマツ精油 4つの効果

Skin Prevention of skin inflammation
◎Antimicrobial action prevents bacterial contamination and infection.
◎Prevention and improvement of atopy and dermatitis.
Mold Infection Prevention & Insect Control
◎Activates antifungal (e.g., anti-malassezia, anti-candida) and prevents fungal (mold) infection.
◎Mosquito and bee control
◎The anti-MRSA effect prevents the transmission of resistant bacteria.
◎The pleasant aroma makes the parasympathetic nervous system dominant, lowering stress hormones and improving stress.

「スキンプロテクトスプレー」を用いた治療例 「スキンプロテクトスプレー」を用いた治療例

Case01. a case of Malassezia fungal infection (miniature dachshund)

治療前 The ear had mild symptoms (black spots and red swelling). In severe cases, it becomes banded.
治療後 The solution was applied to the affected area for several days, and after improvement, the redness and itching were removed and the odor improved as a result of wiping with a gauze soaked with the solution once a week.

Case02. Example of treatment for dermatitis (Shiba Inu)

4 year old Shiba Inu, dermatitis for about a year
The patient's condition was not improved by the main drug treatment, but after using the spray, the condition improved.
At the beginning of use, redness was as expected, but improvement was seen from about the third day, and from the seventh day, the redness disappeared and the itching disappeared.
From the 7th day, the redness disappeared and the itchiness also disappeared, and from the 21st day, hairs started to grow.

森の香りでリラックス!使用方法 森の香りでリラックス!使用方法

SKIN PROTECT SPRAY can be used by both pets and their owners. Just spray it on without the sticky feeling of medicine!
The forest fragrance derived from the essential oil of the akaezomatsu tree is pleasant and relaxing.
Please shake lightly before use.

For skin and coat care

〇For stains on reddened affected areas such as ears, between paw pads, stomach, and underarms
〇For children with atopic dermatitis, Malassezia, or dandruff (2-3 times a day in areas of concern)
〇When brushing.
〇Before and after your walk
〇After the bath and after the hair dryer.

For your home and goods

〇In the bathtub before taking a bath.
〇Pet cushions, gauges, towels, etc.

Owners can also use it.

〇On the sofa at home
〇On the owner's bed, pillow
〇On the seats in the car

産地も厳選しています。原材料へのこだわり 産地も厳選しています。原材料へのこだわり

The essential oil used in "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" is all produced in Hokkaido.

The akaezomatsu grows slowly because it prefers a particularly harsh environment, and is a rare and precious tree that accounts for only 4-5% of all conifers and about one-third of Ezo spruce.

However, extraction of essential oil requires a large number of branches and leaves. For this reason, we collect mainly thinned branches and leaves in several production areas in eastern Hokkaido, and carefully extract the essential oil by steam distillation.
The deep fragrance of the carefully produced essential oil of akaezomatsu is said to be "soft and like being embraced by a deep forest," and has an excellent relaxation effect.

お客様の声 お客様の声

We have received positive feedback from many customers who have used our SKIN PROTECT SPRAY.
We have received many positive comments from our customers who have used the "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY". Here are some of them.

ひどい状態でしたが、今はかなりいい感じです! ひどい状態でしたが、今はかなりいい感じです!

I had been suffering from pyoderma (a bacterial skin infection that causes itching, redness, hair loss, eczema, etc.) since I was a puppy. When antibiotics stopped working, I came across "SKIN PROTECT" and have been using it ever since.

I spray it on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day.
I also put a little "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" in the bathtub when I shampoo. The condition is much better now.

Before use

Before use

The skin around the neck area was peeling, hair loss, and painful with intense itching.

After use

After use

The condition has improved considerably, the scabs have lifted and the skin has regained its cleanliness!

病院に行くことがなくなりました 病院に行くことがなくなりました

Since he was a puppy, his belly, armpits, etc. became red and itchy, and he went to the hospital at the change of seasons.

After applying "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" every day and continuing daily care, I now have no redness and no need to go to the hospital.

よくあるご質問 よくあるご質問

Q1What kind of pets do you recommend "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" for?

In particular, many dog owners use this product. We especially hope that owners suffering from otitis externa, atopic dermatitis, and other diseases that many dogs are prone to and are difficult to treat will use this product.

In addition, while there are various treatment methods such as shampoos and food, many pet owners do not want to use medication on a long-term basis because of concerns about the burden on the body, such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, and other internal organ damage, although the medication has an immediate effect.

We believe that "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" is a product that can reduce the burden on pets' bodies and the anxiety of pet owners.

Q2How long can a 120 ml bottle of "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" be used for?

For standard use, spraying 2-3 times a day on a partially affected area such as the inside of an ear, one push of 0.5 ml can be used for approximately one month or more. For general use, it depends on the breed (body size) and usage.

Q3I heard that some essential oils in aromatherapy are contraindicated for pets.Is the red spruce essential oil used in the SKIN PROTECT SPRAY safe?

The safety of the essential oil of akaezomatsu when used on pets has been confirmed in clinical studies at Dairy Farming University. Also, due to the nature of the product, which is applied directly to the skin, we have taken the safety of both pets and owners into consideration in the concentration of the oil in our products.

Q4Does "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" contain ingredients other than akaezomatsu essential oil that are good for pets' skin?

In addition to akaezomatsu essential oil, the product contains the following ingredients that are expected to have the following effects

  • Capsicum root extract (moisturizes the skin and prevents rough skin)
  • Adlay seed extract (moisturizing effect, anti-allergic effect, deodorizing effect, etc.)
  • Rosemary leaf extract (antioxidant effect, etc.)
  • Kawara wormwood extract (anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects)
  • Chouji extract (sedative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial)

Q5Can I buy your products outside of the online store?

Other than our online store, we sell our products at Healthy Animals' directly-managed store in Miyanomori, Sapporo.
We also sell wholesale, so you may be able to find our products at your local pet store.
We would appreciate it if you could check the availability of our products by calling us in advance.
In Sapporo, you can find our products at "Pet Huis Ten Ario" and "Joyful AK (Pet World)".

Healthy Animals directly managed store

6-32, Miyanomori 2-jo 11-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Business hours/11:30~17:00
Closed on Sunday

Q6Are there any precautions for use?

Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Be careful not to get this product into your eyes. If it does get into your eyes, rinse them well with water immediately.
It is safe to lick the sprayed area, but be careful not to swallow a large amount.

スキンプロテクトシリーズ スキンプロテクトシリーズ

Series Products

The "Skin Protect Series" protects your skin with the power of essential oil from Hokkaido akaezomatsu.
It is recommended to use together with "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY".

Dogs, Cats, Adults, Babies
Gentle soap for everyone!

This gentle soap contains essential oil from Hokkaido akaezomatsu.
It contains many ingredients that are good for the skin, fur, blood circulation, moisturizing, and antibacterial properties.

It keeps your skin clean without damaging it, makes your fur fluffy when dried after shampooing, and relaxes you with the deep forest scent of akaezomatsu essential oil.

It is also effective against acne-causing bacteria, which are known to cause acne, and is recommended for owners.

Buy in our online store

Fluffy fur with carbonated bubbles
Bath salon-like finish for your pet

If you put your pet in the bathtub before you put it in the bathtub, not only does it have an antibacterial moisturizing effect, but the akaezomatsu essential oil and olive oil will make their fur fluffy when they dry off after their bath!

It is also popular among professional trimmers and is used in salons. They also make great gifts for your pet friends!

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