As soon as I shampoo, I get dandruff

Using pet shampoo makes my hands rough.

Do you have such a problem?

SNQ Soap" is an organic pet soap that solves such problems.
SNQ Soap is an organic pet soap that solves such problems.
Why don't you change to a shampoo that is gentle to your pet's skin, your skin, and the environment?
Why don't you switch to a shampoo that is kind to pets' skin, their owners' skin, and the environment?

ペットのお肌は「こわれもの」 ペットのお肌は「こわれもの」

Pet skin covered with fluffy fur.
At first glance, it looks sturdy! But, in fact, their skin and fur are much more delicate than that of humans.
However, pets' skin and fur are actually much more delicate than that of humans.

Of course, scrubbing with strong detergents is not recommended.
The ingredients are quickly absorbed by the thin skin.
We want to choose a shampoo for our precious pets that is gentle to their bodies.

human being dog
Skin pH pH 4.5-5.5 (slightly acidic) pH 7.2 to 9.0 (slightly alkaline)
Skin thickness Approx. 1.5-4 mm (epidermis + dermis) Approximately 0.5 to 1 mm (about 1/3 of a human)
(rebirth) cycle
Approximately 28 days Approximately 20 days
hairiness Approx. 80 μm (hair) Approx. 30 to 40 μm

SNQ石鹸3つのポイント SNQ石鹸3つのポイント


Use of cosmetic-grade organic materials

SNQ soap is made from high-quality cosmetic-grade organic ingredients such as olive oil, palm oil, macadamia oil, and shea butter (shea fat).
This high-grade soap can be used not only for pet shampooing, but also with pet owners.


Makes bath time a lot shorter!

Unlike synthetic surfactants, SNQ soap rinses off foam easily and leaves little residual ingredients. This means that rinsing time is short, so bath time can be shortened.
It also dries quickly, making it ideal for children who do not like to use a hair dryer.


Keep it moist and fluffy!

SNQ soap is made using the "cold process method," which does not add heat to fats and oils. The ingredients of high quality oils and fats remain in the soap without changing, so it keeps your skin and fur moisturized.
Even if your fur is stiff when it is wet, it will be incredibly fluffy when you dry it with a hair dryer!

リンスいらずでふわっふわ!使用方法 リンスいらずでふわっふわ!使用方法

Brush them beforehand.
Wet the pet's body in a suitably warm shower, apply SNQ soap along the fur, and gently lather and wash the pet.
Once the dirt is removed, rinse in the shower until the foam disappears.
After rinsing, gently pat dry with a towel and dry thoroughly with a hair dryer.
*Please dry the hair before brushing.
Natural drying can easily damage the hair, so dryer drying is recommended!

Which is more economical, liquid vs. soap type?

In general, soap-type pet shampoos last two to three times longer than liquid ones. This is because many of them provide enough lather with just a light application.
SNQ soap weighs 90 g, a large size that fills the palm of a woman's hand.
Although it depends on the frequency of washing and the size of the pet, a small dog can be shampooed two to three times a month for more than three months.

スキンプロテクトシリーズ スキンプロテクトシリーズ

SNQ Soap" is recommended to be used in a line with the series products "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" and "Bathpon.
This is because the antibacterial and deodorizing effects of the essential oil of red spruce contained in each product are enhanced and last longer when used as part of a series.
20g x 3 pieces 1,650 yen (tax included)
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50ml 1,980 yen (tax included)
120ml 4,280 yen (tax included) Buy in our online store

After shampooing your pet's entire body with skin-friendly "SNQ soap," give your pet a "Bathpon" bath.
When you get out of the bath, dry the fur thoroughly and then spray a spritz of "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY".

Why not protect your pet's precious skin by using the Skin Protect Series line, which has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing effects?

成分を生かしてじっくり熟成 成分を生かしてじっくり熟成

SNQ soap is made using the "cold process method," in which fats and oils and alkaline water are made without heat, waiting for a natural reaction to turn them into soap.
Soap mass-produced in factories is generally made by applying heat to accelerate the reaction and speed up the production process.
The "cold process" method does not apply heat, so the components of the high-quality oil remain in the soap without being destroyed.
Glycerin, which is produced during the manufacturing process, also remains and acts as a moisturizing ingredient.

Soap is not shipped immediately after completion, but is allowed to mature slowly for at least one month before commercialization.
By allowing the soap to sit for a while, the alkali and acid in the freshly made soap are neutralized and the quality is stabilized. This stabilizes the quality of the soap and makes it more comfortable to use.

天然素材「アカエゾマツ」精油との出会い 天然素材「アカエゾマツ」精油との出会い

SNQ Soap contains the same high-quality Hokkaido akaezomatsu essential oil used in the Skin Protect series, as well as plenty of high-quality oils rich in beauty ingredients, such as olive oil, coconut oil (coconut oil), macadamia oil, and shea butter.

Akaezomatsu essential oil

In addition to preventing and improving inflammation of the pet's skin, it also prevents bacterial and fungal infections.
It also prevents viral infections through its insect repellent effect.
In addition, its fresh fragrance helps to eliminate odors and relax pets.

The amount of essential oil from the akaezomatsu has been controlled to a concentration safe for pets under veterinarian supervision.
The amount of essential oil is kept at a concentration that is safe for pets.

安心・安全の獣医師監修 安心・安全の獣医師監修

Healthy Animals is a product development company that is supervised by Dr. Taku Miyasho of the Department of Veterinary Health Nursing at Dairy Farm University to create food, supplements

ぼくたちも使ってます! ぼくたちも使ってます!

フケが消え、お風呂の時間も短縮! フケが消え、お風呂の時間も短縮!

I am a senior dog who loves baths.
I used to use liquid shampoo, but for some reason he had dandruff on the day of his bath.
Washing with SNQ soap, no more dandruff the next day!
Since he is a large dog, rinsing after shampooing and drying after bathing were difficult, but all of this time has been shortened.
Bathing is very strenuous, so the dog and I are both happy. (From the owner)

飼い主さんもいっしょに使えます 飼い主さんもいっしょに使えます

SNQ soap is an organic soap made from cosmetic-grade ingredients.
Therefore, it is well-received and can actually be used by pet owners together with their pets.

The dirt is gone! Pimples are gone!

I cut my dog's "SNQ soap" into small pieces and put them in a container to use as face soap!
It is great for washing your face after removing makeup because it contains lots of high-quality oils.
It removes dirt very well and leaves the skin moist after washing.
I used to get pimples on my chin from time to time, but recently I haven't had any at all.
I think it may be the antibacterial effect of the akaezomatsu. Please give it a try when you buy it!

Staff K (Female in her 40s)

SNQ is read as Sunku.
In the Ainu language, "SNQ" means "red Ezo spruce.

【Content Ingredients】
Water, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, macadamian seed oil, shea fat, sodium hydroxide, sesame oil, essential oil of akaezomatsu
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