Your pet's skin is very delicate!

Today's dogs and cats suffer from itchy skin, allergic dermatitis, and other skin problems.
Pets' skin is actually very delicate.

Healthy Animals has created "Bath Pong," a carbonated bath salt for pets that can easily care for skin and fur during a bath, with long-lasting positive effects.

こんなお悩み、シュワシュワお風呂でケアしませんか? こんなお悩み、シュワシュワお風呂でケアしませんか?

Dryness Dandruff
skin itch
Concerned body Smell
Dried out Hairline
static electricity

This carbonated bath salt gently cares for your pet's sensitive skin with the essential oil of Hokkaido akaezomatsu, olive oil, and the power of carbonic acid.

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とっても簡単!バスポンの使用方法 とっても簡単!バスポンの使用方法

STEP1 Shampoo your dog or cat as usual.
STEP2 Fill the bathtub with hot water.
STEP3 Add 1 or 2 "Bathpon" depending on the volume of hot water and the size of the pet
Small dog ⇒ 1 pc.
STEP4 Bathe with your pet in it
STEP5 Scoop out a small amount of hot water containing the "Bathpon" and pour it gently over the entire body, as if you were rinsing it.
STEP6 Finish with a quick rinse and voila!

スキンプロテクトシリーズ スキンプロテクトシリーズ

We recommend using "Bathpon" in a line with the series products "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY" and "SNQ Soap.
This is because the antibacterial and deodorizing effects of the akaezomatsu essential oil contained in each product are enhanced and last longer when used in the same series.
90g 1,980 yen (tax included)
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50ml 1,980 yen (tax included)
120ml 4,280 yen (tax included) Buy in our online store

After shampooing your pet's entire body with skin-friendly "SNQ soap," give your pet a "Bathpon" bath.
When you get out of the bath, dry the fur thoroughly and then spray a spritz of "SKIN PROTECT SPRAY".

Why not protect your pet's precious skin by using the Skin Protect Series line, which has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing effects?

ぼくたちも使ってます! ぼくたちも使ってます!

ふわっふわになりニオイも軽減! ふわっふわになりニオイも軽減!

Shiba Inus have firm, hard hair, so when they are shampooed and dried, they are not "fluffy" but rather "crisp! When I shampooed and dried them, they looked "crispy" rather than "fluffy".
I gave him a "Bathpon" bath, rinsed him off, and dried him, and was amazed at how soft and fluffy his fur became! I nuzzled his face for a while and enjoyed the feeling of fluffiness like never before (laugh).
I use it every time because it reduces the dog's peculiar smell and itchiness that appears after a while after shampooing and keeps the dog clean for a long time.

赤みが薄くなりました! 赤みが薄くなりました!

I have weak skin that often turns red easily, especially during dry season.
After using Bath Bon, the redness has faded and I can relax in the bathtub.
I will continue to use it.

感動。。ずーっと使用します! 感動。。ずーっと使用します!

I have weak skin and had problems with redness and scabs. After using Bathpon, my skin was not so red and scabs did not appear.

Thank you so much for the kind words!
The fur becomes fluffy and stays beautiful for a long time.
The reason why the fur becomes fluffy and stays beautiful for a long time is because of the olive oil and the essential oil of akaezomatsu.
The water in which Bathpon is dissolved contains bicarbonate ions, which are effective in removing stains and odors that cannot be removed by shampooing alone.

天然素材「アカエゾマツ」精油との出会い 天然素材「アカエゾマツ」精油との出会い

"Bathpon" contains a double blend of high-quality Hokkaido akaezomatsu essential oil, used in the Skin Protect series, and olive oil, a well-known natural moisturizer.

Akaezomatsu essential oil

In addition to preventing and improving inflammation of the pet's skin, it also prevents bacterial and fungal infections.
It also prevents viral infections through its insect repellent effect. In addition, its fresh fragrance helps to eliminate odors and relax pets.

olive oil

It protects the fur and keeps it supple.
It is also rich in vitamin E, oleic acid, and polyphenols, which nourish and moisturize the fur and skin. It is also effective in preventing dandruff and static electricity.

For cats and human acne!

Akaezomatsu essential oil has antibacterial effects against acne bacteria that cause pimples and acne, making it effective against human acne and "feline pimples" on the chin of cats.
I recommend breaking one "Bathpon" in half, dissolving it in an appropriate amount of hot water, and soaking the affected area!

炭酸入浴剤のうれしい効果 炭酸入浴剤のうれしい効果

circulation (e.g. of the blood)

When "Bathpon" is dissolved in hot water, pleasant bubbles spread out. The carbon dioxide gas dissolved in the hot water is absorbed through the skin and enters the blood vessels, promoting blood circulation.
This is the reason why carbonated bath salts keep you warm until after bathing.

Stains and odors

Carbonated bath salts contain sodium bicarbonate, which when dissolved in hot water produces bicarbonate ions, making the water slightly alkaline.
This water combines with sebum and dirt on the skin, making it effective against dirt and odors.

サロンでも使用されています サロンでも使用されています

"Bathpon" is highly regarded for its veterinarian-supervised safety and skin care effects, and is used by professional trimmers as part of their salon menus.

Easy special care in the bath

It is incorporated as one of the options after shampooing.
The fur becomes fluffy and supple when it dries, which is appreciated by pet owners.
It also has antibacterial effects, so we recommend it for dogs with skin problems. It is simple to use, so we think it is perfect for care at home as well as at the salon.

(Pet trimmer, Tokyo)

Scent relaxes even pet trimmers.

I tried it on my own dog and the hair doesn't even form hairballs even though I don't brush it. The fluffy feeling increases day by day.
I think it is a very gentle bath salt for both dogs and people because it does not cause static electricity.
We would be happy to recommend it to our customers.

(Pet Trimmer, Sapporo)

安心・安全の獣医師監修 安心・安全の獣医師監修

Healthy Animals is a product development company that is supervised by Dr. Taku Miyasho of the Department of Veterinary Health Nursing at Dairy Farm University to create food, supplements

【Content Ingredients】
Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, olive oil, polysorbate 80, mica, titanium dioxide, chromium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxide, chromium oxide, polyester 3 red 28, manganese, red ezo pine oil
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